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Truth Verification Division

Polygraph Chart produced by our polygraph analysis examiners.The Truth Verification Division performs both forensic Polygraph and Voice Stress Analysis.  Polygraph and Voice Analysis are performed as part of background investigations and loyalty investigations, as well as for theft, sabotage, espionage, burglary, homicide, and for other serious crimes.

We have two full time polygraph examiners, and one voice stress polygraph/analyst.  We hold membership in a variety of organizations, including full membership in the American Polygraph Association.  The polygraph examiners have over seventy five years of combined experience, and our voice analyst/polygraph examiner has over thirty years of experience. Voice stress analysis is only used in conjunction with polygraph, and the results are given separately. Our use of voice stress is limited to research only.  Voice stress analysis is not used for truth or deception, and is not considered a valid means of determining truth or deception.  We limit our use of Voice Analysis as a research technology in conjunction with the polygraph.  We are conducting a double blind study, to determine the efficacy of Voice lie detection. 

Forensic polygraph and voice analysis, have become a highly efficient techniques to resolve issues that otherwise may go unanswered. Modern polygraph instruments are sophisticated devices, that are interfaced with computers to allow for objective statistical analysis of polygraph charts.

Computerized polygraph technology has advanced the reliability and validity of polygraph testing.  Polygraph examiners can now have polygraph charts digitally analyzed for statistical analysis using law enforcement/counterintelligence templates.

The Federal Polygraph Act does not preclude an employer from utilizing the polygraph or the voice stress analyzer, although there are specific federal guidelines that must be adhered to during employment type polygraph testing. We are able to provide the necessary releases to allow your organization to proceed with such testing, when the need exists.

All of our polygraph and voice analysts have graduated from accredited schools, and all hold advanced degrees in criminology, forensic science, and criminal justice. Our chief polygraph examiner has over twenty-five years of polygraph experience and has administered over ten thousand polygraph examinations.  He is a former Special-Agent Counterintelligence, Department of Defense, and a former member of the Chicago Police Department.  He holds a bachelors degree in psychology, a masters degree in emotional disturbance, and a doctorate in criminology.  He has attended advance workshops in psychophysiology/psychology at Harvard University, Nova Southereastern University, California School of Psychology, Halstead-Reitan Neuropsychological Institute, and many other institutes of higher education.  He has testified as an expert in federal and state courts, and administrative hearings.





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